All of our tools use PCD with a polished surface finish and are ground on all cutting edges unless otherwise specified when quoted. All tools are made to order to your print or description and with a lead time of four (4) weeks for order sizes of 1-50 pieces and six (6) weeks on 51-200 pieces.

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End Mills

Our end mill bodies are made using C2 micrograin carbide blanks and are ground using an Anca 5-axis CNC grinding center. PCD or PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) tips are then brazed on and ground to size.

We maintain a T.I.R of .001" on all of our PCD and PCBN cutting edges. Our standard end mills are ground to a +.000"⁄-.002" tolerance on the diameter of the PCD or PCBN cutting edges.

We currently offer single-flute and two-flute end mill variations, with corner geometry being a square corner, radius, ball nose or chamfer. If you need a special diameter or length, we can make that for you also.

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Inserts (Lathe and Mill)

We use only quality Kennametal K68 grade inserts for milling or turning, with a brazed on PCD tip that is ground based on your needs. We will manufacture the insert to industry standards on size.

Are you using standard carbide inserts for your lathe or milling cutters? Would you like to reuse your chipped or worn inserts? Then send us a RFQ, we will give you a price to tip your old worn out inserts and grind new cutting edges and a radius, saving you money and increasing your tool life for non-ferrous material.

We offer positive, neutral and negative rake tipping for most inserts that you may use.

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Lathe Tools With Steel Shanks

Our lathe tools have a steel body with a PCD or PCBN tip brazed onto it. We can also regrind or re-tip your old worn tools.

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Boring Bars

Our boring bars have a PCD or PCBN tip brazed on and are ground to meet your needs. We can design a tool with positive, neutral or negative rake and can have an offset head or central tapered neck. The body material can be either carbide or HSS.

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Chamfer Mills

Our chamfer mills consist of single or two flutes and are end cutting and chamfer cutting, the O.D. is ground cylindrical.

Single Flute — Our single flute chamfer mill sizes start at .125" diameter and cut to center, but are not center cutting. We can make a single flute design up to .625" diameter with a carbide body or up to 1.375" diameter on a steel body.

Two Flute — Our two flute chamfer mill sizes start at .250" diameter and end at .625" diameter with a carbide body, a steel body for diameters larger than .625" are also available, this design can be up to 1.375" diameter with a .750" or 1.000" shank. Our .250" diameter chamfer mill has a tip of .060" diameter.

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Countersinks With Steel or Carbide Body

We manufacture countersinks using either a steel or carbide body with a PCD or PCBN tip. Our styles are single and two flute countersinks, our single flute design will cut to center but are not center cutting.

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